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Cargo Standard Plastic Roof front and Cage.

Cargo Standard Plastic Roof front and Cage.

RFM Cargo Modified like a Barangay Service

RFM Converted Bike

RFM Mini Cargo with roof and Backseat

RFM Mini Cargo with front roof and Cage with Ventilation.

RFM Movil 0.50 Customize Color White With Back Utility Box

RFM Auro Tp Customize with roof Long Seat, Givi Box and another set of battery

Meralco Service Change Paint Color and battery lithium ion 60v45ah

RFM S1.0 T with roof


Why drive an Electric Bicycle (EB)?
➤ To save operating costs: four times more efficient than gas-powered vehicles, EBs cost only 2 to 3 cents per mile to power
➤ To reduce vehicle maintenance due to fewer parts in EBs
➤ To reduce our dependence on im-ported fossil fuels
➤ For zero tailpipe emissions as part of solving our air pollution problems


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